Headshot-2Diana Chao is a Taiwanese filmmaker, who earned her BA in English Literature & Linguistics from National Chengchi University (2007, Taipei TW) & MFA in Film Production at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts (2013, Los Angeles USA) by concentrating in writing & directing. In 2012, she directed to promote an US-China collaboration feature FINDING MR. RIGHT in NYC. In 2014, she worked with the KUNGFU PANDA III team as interpreter at Dreamworks.  Dedicated to independent filmmaking, she joined the team of Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival as their programmer.

THE RESTORATION and MATCH are her first two independent shorts after graduation. Currently, she’s developing her first two features RECORD and THE MAN WITH THE COMPOUND EYES with EACH OTHER FILMS and 120E FILMS.

Diana’s interest in filmmaking is exclusively for unconventional storytelling – creating a peculiar world for characters to live in, and through these fictional elements, she, as director, conveys values, affections, messages that she truly believes in. It’s real, but it’s also unreal. Film, with its integration of visual and auditory elements, multiple forms of presentation, and potential for impacting audiences on many levels, is the medium that she loves working in. Death, trauma, remembrance and oblivion are themes commonly seen in her work, which, combined with the refined visual storytelling, have become recognizable style of her work.

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