Headshot-2Diana Chao is a Taiwanese filmmaker, who earned her BA in English Literature & Linguistics from National Chengchi University (2007, Taipei TW) & MFA in Film Production at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts (2013, Los Angeles USA) by concentrating in writing & directing. In 2012, she directed to promote an US-China collaboration feature FINDING MR. RIGHT in NYC. In 2014, she worked with the KUNGFU PANDA III team as interpreter at Dreamworks.  Dedicated to independent filmmaking, she joined the team of Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival since 2017 and continued as their senior programmer.

THE RESTORATION (2015) as her thesis, premiered at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and many film festivals overseas, was awarded “Merit for Cinematography” at Rochester International Short Film Festival (NY, US) and “Best Original Score” at Long Island Film Expo. Her following work MATCH (2017) is a Brazil-US collaboration short that won Best Romantic Short Film at Near Nazareth Film Festival and Best International Short at Festival Angaelica. 

Her latest short BIG LITTLE MAN (2019) that received the Taiwan Ministry of Culture’s grant for short films and Taiwan United Fund had its world premiered at Rhode Island International Film Festival and special screenings at Golden Harvest Award’s grant recipient category.


趙暄 2007 年畢業於政治大學英國語文學系,2013年底取得南加大電影製作研究所藝術碩士,專攻編導。2012 年春在紐約跟拍《北京遇上西雅圖》;2014 年冬在夢工廠擔任《功夫熊貓3》口譯。自2016年起擔任美國密西根獨立電影節 Vidlings & Tapeheads 資深評審。


最近期的劇情短片《如此這般的小人大事》獲得 106 年文化部短片輔導金與南加州臺灣人聯合基金會補助,於羅德島國際電影節進行世界首映之外,亦於金穗獎41輔導金單元成果展進行一系列巡迴放映。

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