【E】Long Vacation


A good friend of mine describes homecoming as, “Like meeting with your ex. You remember what you like about this person, but you also know clearly why you broke up”. Very well said, isn’t it?

I flew back to my hometown in the end of April and it was meant to be a quick stopping by type of thing, no longer than three weeks, but it turns out to be a half year stay. It’s frustrating, but we all know that situation like this is when new opportunities and people turn up.

I completed The Restoration Artbook and Blu-ray (I know, eventually). I applied to two film labs and grant. I reunited with friends who I haven’t seen for the past 3.5 years. I traveled to the east and west coast of Taiwan. I finally went to Japan and met with someone who opens my mind. I made connections with a new team to develop two features.


I still feel stuck, though. I do think I am that kind of person who needs to be away from home to grow and mature. I wouldn’t have known that I could be living in this everlasting bliss if I hadn’t left to pursue what I want to do. It’s a feeling I never had back here. I’m free to do what I do, to be who I am, no judgement, no approval, no annoying questions asked -as long as I know what I want. As much as I appreciate my homeland, it’s a place lacking respect for diversity and professionalism and, of course, for art.

My best friend called from LA after a long prep day this afternoon to share her life and check in with me. A lot of LA friends do that, too. Their voices, words, screen grabs, photos have been great support. I miss them so much.

I’ll probably be back more often in the future ‘case I do have people I’d love to see and spend time with. Something that didn’t really occur to me until lately is that, not every profession gets to do so. I’m blessed to be work in the industry as a freelance filmmaker. For those who can’t come to me, worry not, I’ll come to you.


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