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【拍片二三事】Homage to Chang, Yu-sheng/張雨生: Music Video of “Cappuccino”

Chang, Yu-sheng (AKA Tom Chang/張雨生) is my favorite singer/artist at all times. When I was going to make the very first music video in my life, it came naturally that I was going to make one of his songs into one.

As an outstanding Taiwanese male pop singer, composer, songwriter and producer, it’s a pity that many of his songs haven’t been made into music videos.
Here came the question: Which song of his am I going to pick? Absolutely not those have been made into videos. We miss him so much and nothing compares to his presence in the videos. Besides, the lyrics of his songs are always rich in symbolism and allowing multiple interpretations, which makes it too abstract to visualize, not to mention I’m in Los Angeles. I went through his songs and lyrics with friends, and Cappuccino (from his very last album Duplicity, released in 1997) turns out to be my final decision.

Today is November 12, 2011. Even though he has left us for 14 years, his voice and music never fade. As my homage to him, I managed to finish the cut by today. I barely made it, but here it is. I want to share it with people who love him deeply, and hope through this video, his name and music will reach and be known by more people around the world.

Diana Chao

Nov. 12, 2011

Chang, Yu-sheng/張雨生 – Cappuccino MV

“Cappuccino” translated lyrics (by Diana)

Draw a cask on a plain white sheet

Circle loads of thoughts with a black pen

Mark the date of completion

Hide the disturbance therein

Time flies, love goes on a bizarre orbit

Memories keep colliding with floating future

Enjoyable encounter, sorrowful separation,

Some are bitter; some are sweet

Until we see each other off, over and over, disappearing into the crowd

You remind me of that cup of Cappuccino

All my stupidity are contained within

Like the diffusion of cinnamon’s aroma

All my tears have been seen

The feeling-stirring white sheet

The blank-leaving white sheet

The mind-missing white sheet…

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